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The world of Arginet is one of high fantasy and mysticism. The magic of the Spirit World touches the people of all nations - sometimes in the form of communion with elemental and ancestral spirits, sometimes as the subtle transformation of humans into fay, and sometimes in the raw power wielded by channellers. Priests offer homage and sacrifice to the spirits of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, while the much-maligned Seekers of the Utmost search for an unknown higher power.

Arginet itself is a proud island realm ruled by its nobility on behalf of the distant Crown. For centuries it has enjoyed prosperity and a measure of peace, but political and religious dissent have long been simmering beneath the surface: in the last generation an increasingly driven reform movement has called for a change to the status quo, helped by new discoveries about the nature of fay and supported by many Seekers.

This precarious state of affairs was turned upside down less than a year ago, when the world was struck by a mysterious cataclysm dubbed ‘the Breaking’. There was no warning, only shock, as fluxing magical portals began to appear across the land and sea: unstable bridges to other worlds. Their behaviour is beyond comprehension, as they open and close without warning, spewing arcane energies and alien creatures. And among the strange and terrifying beasts are humans from the worlds beyond - refugees cast adrift in the multiverse, they must fight to survive and understand their new home. No less frighteningly, the bodies of the dead have been seen to rise as revenants, holding onto the memories and grudges that they had in life.

Arginese society is in turmoil as the realm faces the continuing chaos of the Breaking. Deadly monsters stalk the land and sea, ravaging the countryside and threatening the island’s links to the other nations of the world. The nobility cling to their land and power with all their guile and might, while the previously neglected Royal Armies seize their chance for glory, and the reformists seek to exploit the upheaval and pave the way for a revolution.

In the town of Fiveways a local monastic order has opened its doors to representatives of the three factions, to the freelance adventurers looking for a big break, and to the offworlders stranded in an unfamiliar plane. It is here that lives and fortunes will be made and lost… and perhaps it is here that is the last, best hope for the future of the world.


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