The Crown

From Breaking Worlds

The Royal Family of Arginet has a proud history, dating back to the founding of the realm just over a thousand years ago by King Estienne, from whose reign the calendar also dates. The House of Estienne can trace an unbroken line of inheritance back to the near-legendary king himself, with forty-two of his descendants having sat on the throne after him.
Inheritance of the Crown follows the same rules as that of Arginet’s noble titles: the oldest child of the monarch succeeds them on their death, or if the monarch had no children, to their appointed heir, typically a niece or nephew. It is a matter of great importance to the royal family that the bloodline of Estienne is preserved through the generations, so meticulous records are kept of births, marriages and deaths.

The rulers themselves, like the best of the nobles they preside over, are firm but fair - having learned from the lessons of the early days of Arginet that oppressing the people just incites rebellion and causes unproductive subjects, and that it is far better to lead by example. How can Arginet be a leading power in the world if its citizens are fighting with each other?

Over time, the monarchy has come to take a back seat in the process of government. The Royal Council - comprising the five dukes and six other notables - makes most of the day-to-day decisions that are not handled by local nobility.

It is conventional to refer to the office as the Crown, with rulers choosing the personal title of King, Queen, or Monarch as they see fit. The current ruler is Monarch Guiomar III, who came to the throne three years ago following the slightly premature death of their mother, Queen Estelle II.
Guiomar’s early reign has been competent and even handed but unremarkable - it is thought by many nobles that they are cautiously feeling their way into the role and will begin to make their mark on Arginet in time as they grow used to the responsibilities of ruling. The Breaking, of course, will be Guiomar’s chance to show they can handle a realm in crisis as well as in peace.