From Breaking Worlds

Here are the answers to some questions we’ve been asked about the rules and setting of Breaking Worlds.
If you have any questions of your own, please send an e-mail to larp-refs@srcf.net and we’ll be happy to answer them.

General questions

Can I opt not to be part of a faction?
Definitely yes. Joining a faction is entirely optional, and is not free (in mechanical nor narrative terms).
Can you bind a ghost to an item, or is that just elementals?
In theory yes. In practice, very few ancestors will allow you to bind them to an item.
Least spirits are “near-mindless.” Does that mean they’ll basically be fine with being bound to anyone who looks like they’ll be fun, that they’ll give powers to anyone who offers a sacrifice?
Many Least Elementals can be bound by anyone with the skill, but either of those conditions could be the case depending on the spirit.
Can a spirit unbind itself if it wants to?
Generally yes. However, it is possible to prevent them from doing so - for instance by using Mastery of Evocation or Mastery of Metal.
What happens if I break a code of conduct imposed on me by a spirit?
The spirit will react accordingly. If the spirit is bound to you or an item, it will generally unbind itself (see above), and it may also manifest and attack you.
If I’m playing an offworlder, can I take Followers to represent other people who fell through a rift with me?
Yes. For instance, you could use the skill to represent an Archipelagan ship’s crew, or a Praesidian political entourage.

Rules questions

Is it possible to completely ignore downtime and play Breaking Worlds?
Definitely yes. Downtime is an optional part of the game.
Are Mana and Stamina different?
Yes. Mana is a stat that Channellers have and can use to cast spells. Stamina is a resource that Warriors have and can use to power combat abilities. You can have both a Mana pool and a Stamina pool if you have both the Channeller and Warrior skills.
If your only opponents are incapable of fighting you, can you recoup Stamina?
Broadly yes. If they’re out of a fight for more than a couple of minutes (for instance, due to being bound by Compulsion of Metal) you can recover Stamina; ask the refs if you are unsure in a given situation.
How deceptive you can be when performing rituals?
You must always make it clear when you are performing a ritual, but you need not make it clear what kind of ritual it is. A channeller can use Detect Magic to investigate a ritual in progress.
Can you combine Chained Casting with Compulsion of Metal to compel two people at once?
In practice no. You must be able to call the full effect of the spell, and you cannot use an EFFECT call while engaged in combat (which you probably will be if someone sees you mind-controlling their friend).
Will more skills (such as Third Circle spells) be added in the future?
Currently no. We don’t plan to change the rules in the first year unless it’s strictly necessary for balance reasons. After the first year we may add or review skills, but no promises!
In general can a spirit of an element probably do anything on the spell list?
Broadly yes. Spirits can imitate spells as well as other abilities; however, the cost or conditions to use those skills may well be different from the usual.
Is it possibly to get Followers who are incompetent?
Yes if you really want to. Tell us when you submit your character sheet - they still cost 3 XP.
Would Raiding be the appropriate Map Action for an elite group of paladins if I want to attack something?
Yes. ‘Raiding’ covers every kind of action where violence is a first resort - you can add a little about your goals and tactics when you submit your downtime.

Setting questions

What calendar is used in Arginet?
Years are counted from the crowning of King Estienne just over a millennium before the start of the game. The date IC is generally the date OOC with 1000 taken off the year number - so the first interactive is set on Friday 14th October 1016.
What languages exist in the setting?
Everyone speaks a common language, physrepped by English. There are no other languages in the setting, although you can use foreign names and loans to add flavour to foreign nations or other worlds. Language is not really a theme of Breaking Worlds.
What kind of technology can be brought through from other worlds?
Anything more complicated than a simple clockwork device (see the crafts and learning page for more) will stop working or fall to pieces in Arginet. In particular, you cannot carry guns, even as mementoes.
Where do you draw the line on “offworlders have no understanding of the Spirit World”?
Offworlders may know stories or legends about lingering spirits of the departed, but will never have seen ancestors or elementals.
When creating a religious order for our characters, can we also create particular Greater Spirits we venerate and might want to summon?
Yes. You are welcome to create NPCs such as Greater Spirits linked to your PCs. Please state in your background whether you would like them to appear in play - we can’t guarantee anything but will do our best.

System Questions

Can I use the Breaking Worlds system myself?
Yes. Breaking Worlds is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon this work even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit and license all new creations under identical terms.
Breaking Worlds itself borrows heavily from Empire LRP, No Flag No Country, Cambridge University Treasure Trap, other LARPS and tabletop games, and many works of fiction as well as myths and legends.
Can I run player events in the Breaking Worlds universe?
Yes - though those events will only be canon in the main campaign with the agreement of the main campaign’s refs.