From Breaking Worlds

Magic, simply put, is the manipulation of power by will alone. The principles of magic permeate the world of Arginet, whether manifested in the spirit world and its denizens, or controlled by mortal evokers and channellers.

Magic is usually aligned with one of the five elements, but there are some notable exceptions - in particular, evocation of the ancestors.

The Spirit World

An intangible Veil separates the world of Arginet from a parallel realm of pure magic - the wellspring of the five elements, the domain of the spirits, and the afterlife that awaits human souls.


Through ritual and sacrifice, mortals can bring spirits through the Veil and seek their aid. Some do so for knowledge and enlightenment while others seek power by binding spirits to their will.


Some mortals wield the ability to channel raw elemental power just as the spirits do. This can be turned to healing, learning, and destruction amongst many other ends, and its practice is a pervasive influence on human society.