From Breaking Worlds

The mainstream beliefs of Arginet are so broad and so nearly universal in their following that they don’t have a formal name. ‘Animism’ is a common neutral term; ‘Orthodoxy’ is preferred by most priests, although it is rather less accurate.

The foundation of this system is the belief that the five elements are holy and worthy of veneration, and that the spirits of the elements and the ancestors are therefore closer to divinity than are mortals. Respect for these spirits ensures the physical and spiritual well-being of mortals and will bring them prosperity in the afterlife.

Some sects also personify the elements as powerful totem creatures - the Dragon for Wood, the Phoenix for Fire, the Bear for Earth, the Tiger for Metal, and the Serpent for Water respectively - and may worship them as deities, but to date no mortal has made contact with any of these entities, and the lesser spirits seldom speak of them. Many people are content to see them as abstract symbols rather than actual beings.

The sheer diversity of the faith means that religiously-minded people tend to form animist orders, which are described in their own article. A few people follow other religious beliefs - most notably the Seekers of the Utmost.

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