The Temple of the Fivefold Way

From Breaking Worlds

One of the oldest animist orders in Arginet, the Temple of the Fivefold Way occupies a sprawling monastic complex in the centre of the town of Fiveways.

Its members come from a variety of backgrounds but they share an ideal of spiritual balance and neutrality. Despite the simmering political and social conflict and the rise of conflicting factions, the Temple has remained studiously non-partisan - and though this sometimes frustrates ideologues it seems to pay off in the long run.

The Temple publishes and prints the main newspaper in Fiveways, the weekly Parish Recorder, which keeps the locals informed of current events.

Starting in the autumn of the year 1016, with the Breaking showing no sign of stopping, the monks have decided to do their part to support the defence of the town and the realm. Abbot Royce has announced that every Friday evening they will open one of their halls to adventurers staying in the town, giving them a regular place to meet, talk, and make plans.

As a player of Breaking Worlds, you take on the role of one of these adventurers, and the venue for the interactives represents part of the Temple. The refs will sometimes be present as monks of the Fivefold Way, in which capacity they will act as hosts and help you settle into the world of Arginet.