The Reform Coalition

From Breaking Worlds

Neither as wealthy nor as well-armed as either of the other factions, but energetic and numerous, the Reform Coalition is a loose alliance of people whose goal is to replace the power of the noble houses and the Crown with a new government where people of every social class can make their voices heard. Within this broad umbrella are adherents of countless political strands, from constitutional monarchists through republicans to committed anarchists, each convinced that their own ideology is the best for Arginet’s future.

There are many ways of gaining power in the Coalition, but generally they depend on the favour of others. Donating resources, printing propaganda, and stealing from the rich are all options for building a strong reputation with other Reformists - but the Coalition is a fractious organisation if it can be called one at all, and there are no guarantees that any given revolutionary committee will be on speaking terms with any other.

Reformists are generally held to be less superstitious and more practical than most, and favour straightforward dealings with the spirit world. However, they are more likely than any other group to follow unorthodox religious beliefs, and a remarkably high proportion of them are Seekers of the Utmost.

The Coalition has been gaining strength over the last few decades but has never had the power to seriously challenge the established order. With the chaos of the Breaking, many adherents believe that its time has come to embrace change and to reforge Arginet as a new nation. They are the faction most willing to exploit the phenomena of the Breaking for their own ends.

Five things about the Reformists

  • Our nation must adapt. The Reformists believe that Arginet needs to change - perhaps radically - to survive the Breaking, and the feudal order is first in line.
  • A thousand schools. They are much more diverse and loosely organised than any other faction, with political and religious ideologies in constant competition.
  • Power is for the taking. Reformist leaders take power by persuasion, willpower, and audacity - they know their followers can leave whenever they want.
  • The ends justify the means. They are willing to take unorthodox and sometimes extreme measures to push through their agenda.
  • A time of opportunity. Many Reformists see great potential in the Breaking - whether as a source of knowledge or a smokescreen for revolution.

What Reformists will never do

Every Reformist worth the name knows to stick to their own principles. Anyone found going back on their charter or manifesto, or worse, selling out to another faction, will lose all credibility in the eyes of their fellows and run the risk of violent - not to say imaginative - reprisals.