Seekers of the Utmost

From Breaking Worlds

Not all people of faith worship the spirits. For as long as anyone can remember, a small minority have held that the elements, though clearly important, are not divine, and that a greater power must exist in the multiverse. These dissenters are known as the Seekers of the Utmost.

They are divided between three broad strands of thought - some believe that there is a single Utmost God, others that there are a number of gods, and a few that the multiverse itself is divine - but all are united in their search.

The Seekers have a precarious position within society: although their creed is not illegal they face hostility from the orthodox priesthood and suspicion from the Noble Houses. (This is all the more troublesome for them as they have a great interest in contacting the most powerful spirits to find out more about the multiverse.) Only the Reformists are known to welcome Seekers within their faction.

With the Breaking, the revelation that many more worlds do exist - most or all of which do not seem to have elemental spirits of their own - has galvanised the Seeker movement. Their debates and tracts are more lively than ever before, and they are taking on converts at record levels. Most concerning to outside observers has been their willingness to experiment with the mysterious rifts...