From Breaking Worlds

Arginese politics are dominated by three powerful factions: the Noble Houses, the Royal Armies, and the Reform Coalition. Only a minority of Arginese are official members of a faction, and even among the adventurers many work as freelancers instead, making use of their independence to move from one employer to the next. However, those who do become faction members have access to unique opportunities and resources - as long as they can meet the demands of their position.

It is important to note that ‘faction’ has no special legal or symbolic status. The three main factions listed here are simply the political groups that have sufficient influence and funding to affect the nation as a whole.

The Noble Houses

Seen as old and ossified by some, the feudal nobility still constitutes the richest and most entrenched force in Arginese politics. Powerful families bound by inheritance, marriage, and tradition govern their estates in the name of the Crown. They are determined to push back the forces of change and revolution and secure their role as the guardians of the old order.

The Royal Armies

Through many generations of peace and stability the professional soldiers of Arginet were neglected by the rest of the Realm - but now the Breaking threatens their homeland, they have stepped up to defend it with their lives. They are determined to forge Arginet into a powerful and decisive force, and will brook no opposition in doing so.

The Reform Coalition

Political discontent has long been simmering in the Realm, and recent events have brought it to the boil. The many disparate groups of Reformists are united by one thing: their dedication to a vision of a nation transformed. They are determined to tear down the oppression of the old regime and create a new Arginet in the image of their own ideals.

Minor factions

A multitude of other, smaller groups and organisations are active in politics and seek to further their own agendas. None of them have the combination of wealth, support, and nationwide organisation that underpins the power of the big three - at least for the moment - but they can still be forces to reckon with.
Some minor factions are independent religious groups such as animist orders or Seeker organisations. Guilds, societies, and foreign enclaves in the cities are also good examples.

Factions in play

When you create a character, you may choose to start as a member of a faction. Joining one of the three major factions requires you to spend XP on a career skill to enjoy the full benefits.

Adventurers who join a faction - especially one of the big three - are expected to be trustworthy and loyal to the cause. Acting against your own faction can lead to permanent expulsion or worse...