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Arginet is nominally ruled by the Crown, but in most matters the business of running the country is left to the Royal Council. Overarching issues like law, ongoing national problems, and foreign policy are the main concerns of the Royal Council, as matters like trade and spending tend to be handled on a regional or local level by the nobles of the area. The income of the Crown and Council comes mainly from feudal dues funnelled upward through the ranks of the nobility.

If a region is being governed in a way that causes problems for the realm then the Royal Council may move to lean on the nobles responsible to try and restore order. Before the Breaking the social inequality in the Summer Coast was one such issue, but as the Royal Council now busy with other matters the problem has been put to one side.

The Royal Council usually meets monthly, but the need to handle the crisis of the Breaking means that they now meet every fortnight - something which hasn’t happened since the civil war.

The Royal Council

Aside from the Crown, there are eleven members of the Royal Council.

The Dukes

The five Dukes of the realm are guaranteed seats on the Council. As with all noble titles, these are inherited.

  • Duke d’Accolon - a Wood-aligned house
  • Duke de Paluc - a Fire-aligned house
  • Duke Cavall - an Earth-aligned house
  • Duke Ryence - a Metal-aligned house
  • Duke Garanhir - a Water-aligned house

The Generals

Each of the three Generals is also guaranteed a seat on the Council. Each is appointed by the Crown on the death or retirement of the previous incumbent.

  • The General of the North
  • The General of the Centre
  • The General of the South

The Common Members

Every commoner is able to vote in yearly elections for two of their own to sit on the Council. The candidates with the largest and second-largest shares of the popular vote are granted seats, and each is considered to represent a city or town with a Charter (the ones that are large enough to be included on the map). Historically the big cities have dominated, and it is very rare for both Common Members to represent the same place, but an upset is always possible.
At present the two Members are:

The Royal Archpriest

The Order of Heavenly Radiance, a traditional animist order that tends to the spiritual and ritual needs of the Crown, also has a seat on the Council. The Archpriest is chosen internally - officially by summoning and consulting the royal ancestors - and tends to stands above the disputes of the main political factions.

  • The Archpriest of Heavenly Radiance