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Spirits of Earth are patient, deliberate, and straightforward, though they may tend toward anxiety. They have an affinity for activities that demand co-operation, planning ahead, and taking responsibility.

Using Earth spells or binding a spirit of Earth grants powers associated with resilience and the body. Defensive fighting and stamina are bolstered by Earth, as is resistance to mental and physical effects.

Earth is opposed to Water and Wood. It is represented by the colours orange/brown and squares, and its totem animal is Bear.

Principles and relationships

The key attribute of Earth is constancy. It is the element of adulthood, responsibility, and high summer. It stands for honesty and defence - particularly the defence of a shared cause or ideal.

Earth is allied with Fire, with which it shares the attribute of strength. However, spirits of Earth dislike the strong individualism and changeability of Fire.
Earth is also allied with Metal, with which it shares the attribute of community. However, spirits of Earth are not as interested in the rigid order and hierarchy of Metal as they are in the defence of the community as a whole.

Earth is opposed to Water. Earth is a distinctly practical, physical element, while Water is much more concerned with thought and abstracts.
Earth is also opposed to Wood. The stability and communitarianism of Earth are completely at odds with the ideals of individual growth and change that underpin Wood.

Example characters

Inspirations for characters aligned with Earth could be cool stoics such as Susan Sto Helit (from Discworld) or Garnet (from Steven Universe), protective leaders like Aragorn (from The Lord of the Rings and adaptations), or loyal companions such as Alfred (from Batman).
Villains aligned with Earth are likely to stifle change or individuality. Classic examples include repressive regimes that seek uniformity, such as the World State (from Brave New World) or The Community (from The Giver).

“Troops! Your orders are simple: you will hold the line. Not one step back. I don’t know what those things are, but I do know that they won’t get past us.”

- Captain Sarah Freestone, at the defence of Combe