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Spirits of Fire are youthful, passionate, and impetuous, though they can succumb to hatred. They are drawn to actions taken on impulse, particularly those of great creation and destruction.

Using Fire spells or binding a spirit of Fire grants powers associated with passion and inspiration. The archetypal Fire abilities are offensive, but it also has a particular interest in created objects.

Fire is opposed to Metal and Water. It is represented by the colour red and triangles, and its totem animal is Phoenix.

Principles and relationships

The key attribute of Fire is passion. It is the element of youth, love, and the early summer. It calls people to follow their hearts and never worry about the consequences, whether they feel the call to create or destroy.

Fire is allied with Wood, with which it shares the attribute of change. However, spirits of Fire see Wood as too concerned with beginnings when everything must also end.
Fire is also allied with Earth, with which it shares the attribute of strength. However, spirits of Fire are far more interested in the individual than the community represented by Earth.

Fire is opposed to Metal. Fire stands for freedom and rails against authority, while Metal embodies authority and seeks to restrain action.
Fire is also opposed to Water. The passion and immediate action of Fire are utterly different to Water’s cool, contemplative approach.

Example characters

Inspirations for characters aligned with Fire could be lone wolves like Harry Potter or Korra (from The Legend of Korra), firebrand leaders such as Joan of Arc, or passionate rebels like Chandra Nalaar (from Magic: the Gathering).
Villains aligned with Fire tend to destroy out of anger and hatred, such as Kylo Ren (from Star Wars) or Tybalt (from Romeo and Juliet).

“I am the spark of inspiration that will light the inferno. I am the fire that burns brightly against the darkness of repression. I am the flame imperishable - and I will never be stopped by the likes of you.”

- Coruscating Genius