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Spirits of Metal are organised, forceful, and persistent, though they can be melancholy. They appreciate acts of courage and ambition, and particularly approve of individuals who go their own way.

Using Metal spells or binding a spirit of Metal grants powers associated with control. Manipulating the movements of others and influencing their minds are both common Metal effects.

Metal is opposed to Wood and Fire. It is represented by the colour white and circles, and its totem animal is Tiger.

Principles and relationships

The key attribute of Metal is hierarchy. It is the element of age, determination, and the autumn. It is determined to establish its dominance and to control anything that might serve or threaten it.

Metal is allied with Earth, with which it shares the attribute of community. However, spirits of Metal see Earth as disorganised and lacking in structure.
Metal is also allied with Water, with which it shares the attribute of order. However, spirits of Metal are not as interested in the purely contemplative aspects of Water.

Metal is opposed to Wood. Where Metal seeks to confine and control, Wood wishes to expand and increase.
Metal is also opposed to Fire. Metal embodies authority and seeks to restrain action, while Fire pushes for freedom and rails against authority.

Example characters

Inspirations for characters aligned with Metal could be imposing, dominant figures like Batman, ambitious strivers like Tony Stark (from Iron Man).
Villains aligned with Metal might be forceful and domineering, like Darth Vader (from Star Wars) or Jasper (from Steven Universe), or ruthless manipulators like Marisa Coulter (from His Dark Materials).

“If you’re not afraid of anything you’re probably mad. Whoever you are, fear is there, somewhere in your mind.
Me? Oh, I feel fear as much as anyone else. I worry all the time about lawlessness, anarchy - the collapse of our society - losing everything we’ve worked for. The difference is that I control that fear and I make it my reason to fight.”

- Brother Steven of the Ironbound Fellowship