From Breaking Worlds

In the interests of fairness and everyone’s well-being, we expect players at Breaking Worlds to follow the rules of the game. Follow the links below to learn more.


The most important rules are those governing safety. Please ensure you are familiar with them.

Character creation

When you play Breaking Worlds, you play the part of a character (a PC) within the setting. You can read more on the following pages:

Combat rules

Combat is a major theme of Breaking Worlds and players should be familiar with the following:

  • Combat rules - The basic rules governing combat, injury, and death.
  • Calls - The verbal cues used to start and stop the game and to indicate damage and other in-character effects.

The game world

The rules support a range of ways to interact with the game world. You can read more on the following pages:

  • Spellcasting - The rules governing magical abilities, spells and rituals.
  • Items and equipment - The types of items and resources present in the game world.
  • Guides - The in-character avatars of the game referees (refs).


We rely on society members to play the parts of non-player characters (NPCs) as well as their own characters. This is called monstering.

Rules changes

Between the first and second years of Breaking Worlds some minor changes were made to the rules. New players in the second year don’t need to worry about these, but returning players can refer to the list here.