Starting abilities

From Breaking Worlds

Every player character (PC) in Breaking Worlds starts with the following abilities:

  • 3 Hits: You have three global Hits. You lose one Hit each time you are struck, unless modified by a call.
  • 90 second bleed count: If you reach zero Hits, you become Dying, and you should start counting to 90 seconds. If you get to the end of the count without being healed, you become Marked for Death.
  • Catch breath: If you are in a safe situation, you can spend 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay to recover all your Hits and heal any limbs ruined by CLEAVE. Whenever you heal a limb in this way, you take a Wound.
  • First aid: You can pause a dying character’s bleed count with continuous appropriate roleplay. If you do this for 60 seconds uninterrupted, you may call CURE 1 on them.
  • Weapon proficiency: You are proficient with short and one-handed weapons (up to 42” long), and can use one weapon at a time.
  • Armour use: You can wear any armour to gain an additional Hit. If you have a Mana pool it is reduced by 3 while you are wearing armour.
  • Magic item use: You can use up to two magic items at any time.
  • Searching: You can spend 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay to search another willing or unresisting character. You must be close enough to touch the person you are searching, but should not actually touch them without the physrep’s explicit consent.
  • Spirit pact: Living humans and fay only. You can have one spirit of the least degree bound to yourself at any time. A (non-exhaustive) list of the effects that can be gained from least spirits can be found here.
  • Undead resilience: Revenants only. Once per fight, when Dying, you may spend a few moments’ roleplay of obvious, dramatic recovery to call CURE 1 on yourself (and stop Dying).
  • Sacrifice: You can make a sacrifice to a spirit that is physically present in summoned, manifested, or bound form. You cannot sacrifice to yourself even if you are able to benefit from sacrifices.