The Royal Armies costume

From Breaking Worlds

The increased importance and funding of the military has brought with it a new pride in the hearts of its members, and with that has come the tendency for soldiers and officers alike to show their allegiance to their regiment in clothing. This means that even when off duty (as Army characters will be at interactives), it’s still common for them to wear their uniform, which will typically be a tabard or sash in their regiment’s colours and insignia - tending towards bold block colours. This is the faction for wearing the typical knightly getup of clank with a surcoat, although leather armour is just as common, especially on fast-moving or scout units.

Under the armour, Army characters will typically wear trousers and shirts or tunics - clothes that are practical for someone who might need to fight on a moment’s notice. A healer or witch who works with an army unit might prefer a robe or dress, but it will generally be short enough that it can’t be tripped over easily.

Any Army character, including support staff, would be embarrassed to be caught without at least one weapon. Even if it’s just making sure you have a belt knife, being prepared for a fight is necessary.