The Reform Coalition costume

From Breaking Worlds

While the Reform Coalition is only loosely organised, most members believe that the decorated flamboyance of noble clothing is a symptom and sign of their unfitness to rule. Reformists come from all walks of life and social classes, so can be seen in all kinds of clothing, but the unifying feature is that it is plain and sober without unneeded frippery. Where nobles choose bright colours, Reformists tend towards black, grey, and dark muted colours such as forest green, navy, and chestnut brown.

A well-to-do Reformist wishing to dress smartly would choose clothes with clean and simple lines, made of the nicest cloth they could afford. Jewellery is minimalist and discreet, and excessive fabric use is kept to a minimum - why make only two shirts out of a bolt of cloth when you could make three? - although judicious use of layering is sometimes used as a way of showing off. Lower status Reformists are likely to be seen in even simpler clothing, possibly even using this as a symbol of how they would be much better off with no ruling class.

Many Reformists will choose to wear a symbol of their particular cell or faction within the Coalition, often as their single piece of jewellery. Pendants and brooches are common for this (and can be obtained cheaply on eBay!) and work well to distinguish them from the regimental sashes and tags worn by the Armies.