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For many years, the island realm of Arginet has enjoyed peace and prosperity, ruled over by its wise and just nobility and guided by the spirits of the elements and the ancestors. But one year ago, quite without warning, cracks have started appearing in the fabric of reality in a metaphysical outburst known simply as the Breaking. Unstable rifts have opened to other planes of existence, disgorging strange creatures both human and monstrous, and the boundaries of the spirit world itself have grown weak.

As the dead rest uneasy in their graves, monsters stalk the land, and the old order struggles to adapt, a loose group of adventurers has come together to explore, exploit, and defend against the tumultuous spirit world and the mysterious threat from beyond.

You are one such adventurer - a native of Arginet or an offworlder who has fallen through the rifts. The Noble Houses, the Royal Armies, and the Reform Coalition are on the lookout for promising recruits to aid them in their struggles, offering opportunities for the ambitious… or desperate.

Breaking Worlds has now been running for a year. For a summary of what’s happened, see the story so far.

Follow this link for a fuller overview of the setting and system.


Breaking Worlds will be starting up again for the 2017-2018 academic year shortly.

The first interactive will be at 7pm on 13/10/2017, at the Unitarian Church Hall.

This week's linear will be on Grantchester Meadows on Saturday 14th October at 13:00.

The XP cap for the next event is 40.

For further details on events we run, please see our main society website.

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